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Nestling amongst larch and spruce trees, Valfréjus is a charming resort that has carefully
harmonised its architecture with its natural surroundings through the use of wood and local
stone for construction. The renowned mountain peaks that characterise the resort, along with
the “Mont Thabor”, tower above at 3178m altitude, offering a spectacular panorama for
The resort’s medium altitude (1550 m) makes it ideally suited to young children who are keen
to make new friends while trying out new activities, and generally have a wonderful family
Valfréjus was founded in 1969. At the time, visitors had to take a chairlift from Modane to the
hamlet of “Charmaix” (now known as Valféjus), and the only accommodation available was in
the form of a handful of rustic alpine chalets. In 1983, the first tourist residences were built
and two cable car sections were constructed, allowing visitors to access the top of the
slopes: “Punta Bagna” at 2737m altitude. And so the resort of Valfréjus was born!


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plan de Valfrejus
plan de la station de valfrejus, lieu des résidences de valfrejus sur le plan, nom des rues de valfrejus

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plan de Valfrejus
plan de la station de valfrejus, lieu des résidences de valfrejus sur le plan, nom des rues de valfrejus

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By road:

By road:
Motorway (autoroute) 10 km away!
_“Alpine” motorway (autoroute Alpine) A43, exit Modane, D216 direction Valfréjus.

By train :

4 hours from Paris to Modane by TGV (high-speed train)

  • TGV from Paris to Chambéry, then direct train from Chambéry to Modane
  • TGV from Paris to Milan Travel from Modane to Valfréjus by bus or taxi.

By airplane:


  • Lyon St Exupéry - 200km
  • Chambéry Aix-Les-Bains - 100km
  • Turin (Italy) - 100km.

Regular connections to Valfréjus from Modane train station!

For information and bookings visit:
Booking info: 0 820 320 368 (0.118€ /call)
From outside France call : +33 4 79 68 32 96
Visitors travelling by train, please remember to book a RETURN ticket (billet aller/retour)


The “Notre Dame du Charmaix” chapel

This beautiful chapel was a medieval sanctuary dedicated to the “Black Virgin”, and has
recently undergone extensive renovation work.
Every year, on the first Sunday of September, a pilgrimage, famed throughout the region
and the Italian Piedmont, visits the “Notre Dame du Charmaix” chapel. This striking piece of
historic architecture is situated at the entrance to Valfréjus, and is accessible via a footpath.

The “Muséobar”

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Open from December to June.
Mornings: Thursday to Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.
Afternoons: Tuesday to Saturday, from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.
Closed on Sundays, Mondays and spring bank holidays (May)
This museum revisits the story of a town on the Italian border at the beginning of the 20th
century through its cafés and piano organs. The centre is lively and rich in colour and
musical entertainment. It takes you on a fascinating journey from the Italian café, to the
railway café, via the military café with a final stop at the 1930s Bourgeois café.
The Muséobar offers films, photographs, and music from 13 piano organs to which visitors
are encouraged to try their moves!


42 rue de la république
73500 Modane
Tél. 0033 4 79 59 64 23


The “Saint Gobain” fort and the Alpine crossing museum

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This fortification of the “Maginot des Alpes” line was built between 1933 and 1939. It has
since been entirely restored and fitted out to present visitors with an authentic atmosphere
experienced by the military at the time.
Open from the 1st July to the 31st August, from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 2 p.m. to 7 p.m., from
Monday to Friday. Also open in May, June, September, October and November from Friday
to Monday, 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. The fort can also be opened by
appointment for groups of min. 20 people outside of these periods. For bookings and
information, please contact:

Association du Musée de la Traversée des Alpes

Tél. 04 79 05 16 52
Site internet :
E-Mail :

The monumental entrance to the Railway tunnel

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Dating back to the beginning of the century, this locomotive-train combination is home to a
permanent exhibition of the railway tunnel’s fascinating construction process (1857-1871).
Closed in winter.

Information :

Association du Musée de la Traversée des Alpes

Tél. 04 79 05 16 52
Site internet
E-Mail :

The Rice Mill

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« The Exhibition Centre of the Lyon-Turin link.»

The 1st floor is home to 5 main themes: the history of the Alpine crossing, the geopolitical
context of the Lyon-Turin link, the reasons behind this extensive project, its genesis and
components, the pre-project studies commissioned by LTF, and also a section dedicated to
the Maurienne region (presentation of its touristic, cultural and scientific resources).
On the lower level: a presentation of the LTF’s current surveys and the future tunnel via an
animated geological slice and a large model.

Place du marché,
Tél : 04 79 05 84 31 –
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The Sloping House

Find further information on the canton in the summer edition of Terra Modana.supplément été du Terra Modana


Résidence les Mélèzets
Tél : +33 4 79 05 33 83
Fax : 04 79 05 13 67



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