The natura 2000 area

Above the resort of Valfréjus, the Thabor Natura 2000 area extends over 4,800 hectares. This classified and protected area is home to exceptional habitats for alpine flora and fauna.

The Natura 2000 site of Thabor

The Thabor Natura 2000 site is located on the northern slopes of Mont Thabor and concerns 3 Savoyard communes: Modane ( Valfréjus resort with the Charmaix valley), Valmeinier (Neuvache valley) and Orelle (Bissorte valley). It adjoins the Clarée Natura 2000 site on the Hautes Alpes side.
The Thabor Natura 2000 site protects 4,800 hectares between 1750 meters and 3178 meters altitude (summit of Mont Thabor). Unlike the neighboring Parc National de la Vanoise, this massif is less well known to amateur naturalists and scientists alike. And yet, on the border between the northern Alps (Savoie) and the southern Alps (Hautes-Alpes), it is home to all the components of the alpine environment: moorland, grasslands, scree, rocky outcrops, but also high-altitude wetlands and some thirty lakes at altitudes of over 2,000 metres.

The Thabor Natura 2000 area
A mosaic of alpine environments

This mosaic of sub-alpine and alpine environments is home to an incredible wealth of flora and fauna (black grouse, bartavelles, ptarmigan, chamois), offering walkers an exceptional natural environment.
The Mont Thabor massif, with its remarkable geological history, is a treasure trove of natural treasures that required protection. On December 26, 2000, it joined the very select circle of "Natura 2000" classified sites. Classified sites are places whose exceptional character justifies national-level protection and monitoring of its evolution. The Massif du Mont Thabor is therefore a wonderful place to discover wild flora and fauna. Discover it on your walks and hike in harmony with the flora and fauna.
To find out more about the Thabor Natura 2000 Zone, you can also visit the exhibition on display all year round on the first floor of the Salle du Thabor, at the entrance to the resort at Valfréjus.

The Thabor Natura 2000 area
The Natura 2000 network

The Natura 2000 network is a European ecological network made up of all the sites designated under the "birds" and/or "habitats" directives. Its goal is to promote the maintenance of biodiversity while taking into account socio-economic and cultural requirements. It must allow the conservation of threatened plant and animal species by ensuring the maintenance of their living environments.