Lifestyles at Valfréjus and Modane

The small town of Modane, now both Piedmontese and French, has a lot to tell. Rich in religious, military and economic heritage, you can learn more at the Musésobar, opposite the train station. Higher up, in the mountain pastures, farming is still very much alive.

Culture and heritage, lifestyles at Valfréjus and Modane

Beaufort and Modane bread

Above the resort of Valfréjus, the mountain pastures stretch as far as the eye can see on the slopes bordering Italy and the Hautes-Alpes.

If you're a lover of good cheeses, or just curious, meet producer Eric at the Fort du Lavoir for a tour of the Beaufort d'alpage production room, the maturing cellar and to find out more about the job of a mountain farmer.

It's in Modane, and only in Modane, that you can taste the gourmet specialty made by Fabien Noguera in his bakery-pastry shop: Pain de Modane.

Modane in far-west mode

Comparable to a Wild West town in the early 20th century, Modane's history and unique way of life will sweep you away to the sound of player pianos.

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